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What Makes Paxos Island the Best Place To Have your Easter Holidays in 2016

Paxos Island is the smallest island in Eptanisa, placed in South of Corfu and 10 miles from the coast. Paxos Island is famous for green crystal water in most of the beaches and the natural vegetation that has been untouchable through all these years, even the big touristic growth that island has. Paxos consists a cluster of islands, and visitors can easily start to see that when they arrive in Gaios’ port (capital of the island) and that time they can recognize Panagias Island with the monastery. All magic does not stop there, thus visitors will soon see the Agios Nikolaos Island with the small Venetian castle, and that’s only the beginning as many beauties are visible in any corner of the island.

Τhe reason that we will talk through this article is that years ago a native had the bright idea to share their customs and culture of the Easter celebration, since that year the Pasxalia in our country was very slow and namely on 30 April, which is this year, but a day later. Therefore, because  this year Easter will resembles summer, we decided to inform you all about main customs in Paxos those festive days as well as the parts will be able to enjoy more.

Easter Customs at Paxos 2016

paxos-easterPaxos Easter is celebrated with great solemnity. The Holy Week functions at churches and monasteries, the procession of the Epitaph in the streets in Gaios, the Resurrection on Holy Saturday and the festive atmosphere Sunday making you feel that Easter best celebrated with an island feel, as calm its sea is something unique. Holy Tuesday will enjoy while the hymn of Holy Thursday, after the 12 Gospels, followed by the decoration of the Epitaph. On Holy Friday we will make a dash to the Loggos to worship the epitaph, while on the same day in the evening epitaphs from all parishes joined in Gaios square into a unique spectacle! Also visitors that day will have the opportunity to worship the image of the Virgin or passing towards the Virgin Island or going to the St. Andreas church in Lakka or at Ag in Longa.

At noon on Holy Saturday (11.00 – 13.00) a lot of people is to eat only paxiotikes fasting delicacies since the island is famous for its local cuisine. Saturday evening, the Resurrection church Loggos is impressive with numerous fireworks and crackers. The new place iron pipes into the soil, fill them with gunpowder and trigger them. The evening continues with traditional soup, red eggs and fun until the morning. Of course what you should know is that the visitor to Paxos the First Resurrection is original and traditional in Ag. Iakovo in Fountana where the “Anasta the Lord” through the congregation beats the pews rhythmically and outside is wild enthusiasm of crackers, rifles and firecrackers. In the villages, after the first Resurrection, Easter slaughter the lambs and their blood making the shape of the cross above the thresholds.

On Sunday morning, you should have pre-arrangement with the provider that you have closed your apartment where a good concert you will have with him will be able to cook your lamb in front of the sea, which certainly have never imagined. Many of you can until cooked lamb to your swim or enjoy the blue sky since Easter 2016, for this year anticipate very hot and summer.

Of course you should know that day the shops in Paxos will be closed, for this reason, make sure you shop supplies.

Paxos Accomodation

Taking the economic crisis of Greece into consideration, one of the most important issues, both for Greeks and travelers in our country, is the Paxos accommodation as well as the facilities which are available to them regardless of the price. The price doesn’t play an important role when the quality should always be paid! For that reason, one of the biggest leading domicile Tourist Offices in Ionian and especially in Paxos island, the Fougaros Travel & Holidays, provides a range of exceptional services which are impossible not to attract the visitors of the island during their summer holidays.

Check the spectacular villa, the Villa Bella Vista! It is a unique building located in a peak of the capital of Paxos island, Gaio, with an amazing view out of all villa’s apartments. Villa Bella Vista can house a group of 10-15 persons or 4 different groups of 4 persons. Each apartment provides in the first floor a kitchen room, a bathroom and a living room while in the second one, there is bedroom and a bathroom. In this way, unperturbed from what is happening in the first floor, visitors have the possibility to rest and relax in their bedroom.